19 Pics That Explain Why It’s A Bad Idea To Go To Australia

Welcome to Australia, the world’s most noxious pest hole on Earth.

We usually see Australia represented in media as a tropical paradise where all you do is chill and hang out with hot Australians and drink beer all day. What these fake media representations always seem to “forget” to tell you is that this serial killer country is also home to the taipan AKA world’s deadliest snake, the funnel spider, AKA the world’s deadliest spider , and (drum roll please) the world’s deadliest animal, the very harmless looking box jelly fish. Wow, no wonder God surrounded Australia with water, He was trying to keep everyone away from this giant death trap.

Not convinced yet? Well perhaps these photos will change your mind…

1. Here’s crocodile eating a bull shark.

A crocodile eating a bull shark.

Via lolwot.com